The Company

The project and its related products (videos, audio book, eBook, print book) is implemented by the Academic Research Media Review Education Group LTD (ARG LTD). Any copyrights and trademarks deriving from products created with this project are owned by ARG LTD.

This project is moreover sponsored by the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH), and by a number of individuals and entities who value their privacy. Unless explicitly expressed in writing to us that sponsors wish to be publicly associated with this project, their identity will not be disclosed by us to anyone.

The Team

Our team consists of several scholars and numerous volunteers from various countries. Unless Western societies stop persecuting and prosecuting scholars and laypersons who peacefully voice their skepticism about aspects of the orthodox Holocaust narrative, we will not disclose the identity of any of these individuals.

Company Philosophy

Freedom of Speech (in any form) needs to be defended where it is threatened. The expression of non-controversial views is basically never threatened, hence needs no pro-active protection. Only views considered controversial or even offensive by those in power, or by an intolerant lynch mob, are threatened. However, as long as the views expressed do not advocate, promote, approve of, justify or condone the violation of anyone’s civil rights, there is no objective justification, and thus no legitimacy, to limit the expression of such views. If anyone strives to suppress them anyway, they turn into oppressive powers meriting every human being’s stiff opposition.

Criticizing an individual (such as a witness to a claimed historical event) or a group of individuals (such as survivors of a historical tragedy) for their behaviors or attitudes, and scrutinizing their expressed views, is NOT a violation of their civil rights. Disagreeing in a civilized manner with the views people expressed, and with their actions, is a fundamental part of Freedom of Speech. Anyone infringing on this right needs to be met with peaceful resistance and civil disobedience, in the tradition of Henry David Thoreau and Mahatma Gandhi.

This is the very core of our engagement.