Denisow, Piotr

Piotr Denisow was a Polish engineer who collaborated with the Germans to build the Majdanek Camp. After the war, he was eager to incriminate former German officials, among them primarily Erich Mussfeldt, who had been in charge of the camp’s crematorium until May 1944. Denisow testified that a homicidal gas chamber was located inside the Majdanek crematorium, where Mussfeldt personally gassed people he had selected. However, even the Majdanek Museum concedes today that there never was a homicidal gas chamber in that building. Furthermore, the head of the crematorium had no right to select inmates for anything.

Denisow also claimed that one day Mussfeldt threw his own favorite, beloved dog “alive into the crematorium furnace, since he didn’t want to give it to anyone else.” (See Alvarez 2023a for details.)

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