Trawniki was a forced-labor camp located half way between the Belzec and Sobibór Camp. It was established in the fall of 1941. Some 20,000 Jewish inmates are said to have passed through this camp. The camp also served as a training facility for SS men, among them Soviet PoWs, most of them Ukrainians, who volunteered to serve as guards in various German camps.

In the fall of 1943, 10,000 Jewish inmates of the Trawniki Camp were relocated to other camps during a major operation of relocating SS-owned and operated companies together with their Jewish labor force. The orthodoxy has dubbed this Operation “Harvest Festival,” claiming that all these Jews (plus many more from the Majdanek Camp), were killed. (See the related entries for more information.)

No historian claims that any mass murder using execution facilities took place in the Trawniki Camp. There is neither material, documental nor anecdotal evidence to support such a claim. However, that did not stop Polish and Jewish groups from claiming otherwise anyway.

Between April and June 1942, Polish underground sources spread the “information” that Jews were being killed in masses at Trawniki using toxic gases in gas chambers, after which the victims’ bodies were burned in a primitive crematorium. This was presented to the public as the “truth” by the Polish government in its London exile in July of 1942. Jewish sources, such as the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, repeated that disinformation in 1942 and 1943.

This phantom extermination camp is a creation of black-propaganda sources.

(For more information, see Mattogno 2021e, pp. 94-97.)

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