British Radio Intercepts

In 1941, British Intelligence analysts cracked the German “Enigma” code used to encrypt radio traffic between German forces and their headquarters. This gave the British access to top-secret German data, among them for example the positions of German U-boats. This was an ingenious breakthrough which contributed considerably to Britain and the Western Allies winning World War II.

It is less-well known that these decrypts also contained a large amount of information about Germany’s wartime camps, as well as the activities of various security and police forces in the East connected with the activities of the Ein­satz­grup­pen.

The decrypts were kept as an enviously guarded state secret by Britain until the mid-1990s, when they were finally released to the public. Prior to this, only a few hand-picked members of the British intelligence community were allowed to view the files. One of them, British Intelligence analyst F.H. Hinsley, briefly lifted the lid in 1981 and let the public have a brief glimpse of what is contained in that secret stash of documents. He wrote in his book British Intelligence in World War Two (Hinsley 1981, p. 673):

“The return from Auschwitz, the largest of the camps with 20,000 prisoners, mentioned illness as the main cause of death, but included references to shootings and hangings. There were no references in the decrypts to gassings.”

During the International Military Tribunal, the British did not reveal that they had these intercepts, because their contents would have helped the case of the defense rather than that of the prosecution. The contents of these documents would have caused the Allies massive problems, just as much as it causes embarrassing questions for today’s orthodox scholars. These intercepted radio transmissions contained communications among German top-level officials where they exchanged messages in clear language, assuming that their messages were unbreakably encrypted. These documents are the most authentic information anyone could possibly want about daily camp life under the National Socialists.

The problem is that they contain not the slightest trace of any “Final Solution” in terms of mass murder of Jews going on in those camps! Quite to the contrary, these messages confirm what we already know from the vast wartime documentation: Diseases and epidemics were the main killers in the camps, predominantly typhus, and in particular at Auschwitz. Those messages also chronicle the German authorities’ desperate attempts to get those epidemics under control in order to maximize the labor output of their camp inmates.

Orthodox scholars scrambled to explain away this startling revelation. Unwilling to write history from the ground up based on the data available, as it should be done, and unwilling to rewrite their old, flawed narrative in the face of better and more reliable data, orthodox scholars decided to maintain their story line by forcing this new, round data into their square narrative holes. Their new mottos were: “The Germans used code language even in their encrypted radio messages!” and “The British Intelligence community was hoodwinked by the Germans double-encrypting their messages!”

However, if the Germans wanted to hide executions from any potential listener, then why did they neatly report all other executions in those radio messages? This even includes the shooting of thousands of Jews by the Ein­satz­grup­pen. Some of these mass executions were reported to Berlin via radio, and then intercepted and deciphered by the British. Only those mass murders that are claimed to have occurred in gas chambers and gas vans are conspicuously missing.

The one final straw from the British decrypts to which the orthodoxy clings in their desperation to keep their scuttled narrative afloat is the so-called Höfle Telegram, sent to the Berlin headquarters of the SS by Hans Höfle. This radio message lists the number of Jews arriving at the various camps of Aktion Reinhardt. But on the orthodoxy’s reading, “arrival” means “mass murder.”

Ironically, while the British radio decrypts helped the United Kingdom win the Second World War, they help Holocaust skeptics to win the Holocaust Information War.

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