Eberl, Irmfried

Irmfried Eberl
Irmfried Eberl

Irmfried Eberl (8 Sept. 1910 – 16 Feb. 1948), SS Obersturmführer at war’s end, was an Austrian-German physician who worked as medical director at two euthanasia institutes from February 1940 until late 1941. After this, he was transferred to Aktion Reinhardt. He served as the first com­mandant of the Treblin­ka Camp since 11 July 1942, but was replaced by Franz Stangl already in late August of that year, evidently due to Eberl’s incompetence.

At the end of the war, he served in the German armed forces until the bitter end. In 1948, he was arrested, yet committed suicide before any trial could start. As far as is known, he did not make any deposition about his activities in Treblin­ka

Eberl’s correspondence was preserved and published in 2006. None of the letters sent by Eberl from Treblin­ka contains any reference to gassings of Jews. (See Grabher 2006.)

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