Quakernack, Walter

Walter Quakernack
Walter Quakernack

Walter Quakernack (9 July 1907 – 11 Oct. 1946), SS Ober­schar­führer, was a mid-level employee at the Politi­cal Department of the Auschwitz Camp. He was mentioned by seve­ral witnesses, all of whom lack any credibil­ity. Stanisław Jankow­ski constructed a fantastic tale involving Quakernack and another SS man being seduced by a Jewess doing a strip-tease in the undressing room, upon which she grabbed the other SS man’s pistol and shot him – but missed Quakernack. Henryk Tauber mentioned him a few times as a member of the Politi­cal Department overseeing the Crematoria, and Tauber has him kill a fellow crematorium worker. In his 1979 book, Filip Müller plagiarized Jankowski’s Holo-porn scene, and turned Quakernack into one of the main villains of Auschwitz involved in gassings and many other atrocities. With witnesses like this, Quakernack was sentenced to death in Belsen by a British kangaroo court, and subsequently executed.

(For details, see the entries on the witnesses mentioned, and the index entries for Quakernack in Mattogno 2022e&d.)

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