Bimko, Ada

Ada Bimko was a Polish Jewess who was deported to Ausch­witz on 4 August 1943, and transferred to Bergen-Belsen on 23 November 1944. She signed two depositions for the British Bergen-Belsen Show Trial and took the stand during the trial itself. She claimed the following absurdities and falsehoods (Mattogno 2021, pp. 349-355):

  • The SS allowed her to examine the (non-existing) camp records and concluded from her research that “about 4,000,000 persons” died and were cremated in Auschwitz.
  • There were five crematoria in Birkenau that all looked similar – when in fact there were four, in two sets of two, with the first set (Cremas II & III) looking quite different than the second set (IV & V).
  • When entering the gas chamber, the victims were issued a towel and a piece of soap. This most certainly would never have happened, considering the mess it would have created and the effort necessary to retrieve and clean these items afterwards. In addition, no one takes towels into a shower.
  • She found a docile SS man who gave her a sight-seeing tour through one of the crematoria, explaining to her how the poison-gas mass murder was perpetrated in those facilities.
  • For her, the victim’s undressing room was on the ground floor, and the gas chamber, camouflaged as a shower room, was directly adjacent, although no crematorium had that kind of room arrangement.
  • She stated wrong dimensions for the gas chamber – “48 ft square and 10 ft high” – and claimed there were no drains in the floor, although that is untrue as well.
  • She insisted that, from the other end of the gas chamber, a door led into a corridor which was equipped with railway tracks bringing the victims’ corpses straight to the crematorium, a false claim probably plagiarized from the War Refugee Board Report.
  • Near the entrance door to the undressing room, another door was located, behind which a set of stairs went into a room above the gas chamber; this room housed pipes and containers allegedly used to store and distribute the poison gas into the chamber below, where it exited through showerheads. In fact, none of the buildings said to have contained gas chambers had any rooms above them, let alone stairs leading to it, and the poison gas is said to have been administered by simply throwing in Zyklon-B granules through some openings.

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