Buchholcowa, Janina

Janina Buchholcowa was a Polish Jewess who signed a deposition sometime in 1945, where she asserted to have been deported to the Treblinka Camp. She claimed that, at the beginning of the camp’s existence (at the end of July 1942), the gas chambers were not yet ready. Therefore, arriving deportees were killed with machine-gun fire right on the railway platform, as they climbed out of the train. This would have damaged the railway cars and threatened any SS guards as well, so it certainly did not happen.

She claimed an average daily “production” of some 12,000 corpses, with peak values up to 20,000 victims. Over the stretch of the camp’s one-year existence, this would result in more than four million victims, which is one of the highest figures ever claimed about Treblinka. The orthodoxy currently has a death toll of just about 800,000.

The killing method presumably consisted in first “pumping out the air,” and then “injecting into the chambers exhaust gas from a motor,” and she asserted that “toxic ‘cyklon’ gas was also used instead.” She clearly tried to cover all the bases with her deposition. (For a few more details, see Mattogno 2021e, pp. 146f.)

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