Chybiński, Stanisław

Stanisław Chybiński was a Polish Auschwitz inmate who escaped from the camp on 20 May 1943, and subsequently wrote a report titled “Pictures of Ausch­witz”, which was submitted during the Polish show trial against former members of the Ausch­witz Camp staff. The report had several copies of blueprints of Crematorium II of Birkenau attached with an extended legend. Here are some peculiar claims made by Chybiński:

  • The building had nine triple-muffle furnaces (although it only had five, clearly visible from the plan).
  • Four identical crematoria existed with altogether 36 such furnaces, although Crematoria IV & V were entirely different, with only one eight-muffle furnace each.
  • Three bodies could be loaded into each muffle, although it was designed only for one body.
  • The cremation of a load of three bodies took seven minutes. Compare this to the actual cremation time of one hour for a single body.
  • The yearly capacity of two of these crematoria was more than 22 million bodies, which was designed to exterminate the entire Polish population of Poland. Jews are not mentioned in that report.
  • The victims, upon entering the basement, got registered in the office, proceeded to a washroom for undressing, and from there to one of the three gas chambers. However, there was no “registration office” in that basement, and the orthodoxy insists that inmates were gassed without registration. The stairs allegedly used by inmates leading into that basement led directly into Morgue #2, presumably the undressing room. Furthermore, there was only one room in that building allegedly used as a gas chamber – Morgue #1.
  • The gas chambers had a capacity of up to 2,800 persons. Applying this to Morgue #1 with its 210 m², this amounts to a physically impossible packing density of 13 people per square meter.
  • Gas, not water, was blown into the room – through the lower air ducts! However, that was the ventilation system’s air-extraction duct, which had nothing to do with water. Moreover, the orthodoxy insists that the gas was thrown in as Zyklon-B pellets through openings in the ceiling.
  • Ventilation ensued after the gassing through the upper air ducts, when in fact these were the air-intake ducts.

It is clear that Chybiński, by looking at the plans in his possession, made up the entire story with no actual knowledge of the place. In fact, the plans he had were outdated. The actual basement layout looked different, but he didn’t know that. So, he had the victims enter through the wrong door into the wrong area of the building. All subsequent descriptions were therefore nonsense.

His erroneous claim of nine muffles in four identical crematoria ended up in the even more preposterous report by Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler.

(For more details, see Mattogno 2021, pp. 171-174.)

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