Frosch, Chaim

Chaim Frosch, who claims to have been deported to Ausch­witz on 30 April 1942, recorded a rather brief and terse undated account of his alleged experience in that camp, probably shortly after the war, which is now archived at the Yad Vashem Center in Jerusalem. He admitted having knowledge of extermination activities mainly – in other words, virtually entirely – from hearsay. His descriptions are both superficial and inaccurate. (Among other things, he claimed an unlikely capacity of 2,000 victims for the gas chambers of Crematoria II & III, hence some 10 people per m²). He is exposed as, at best, a mere rumormonger when describing the huge pyres allegedly set up in Birkenau in the spring and summer of 1944 for the open-air incineration of hundreds of thousands of Jews deported from Hungary allegedly murdered at that time. Air photos of the camp from that time provide irrefutable proof that this event has been invented from scratch. (For details, see Mattogno 2021, pp. 378f.)

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