Goldberg, Szymon

Szymon Goldberg was a former inmate of the Treblinka Camp. He claimed that Jews were killed in masses at Treblinka by three methods:

  1. First, by pumping the air out of the gassing cabins, then introducing the exhaust gas of some vehicle – rather than from a stationary engine, as the orthodox narrative claims today.
  2. Ether was burned, and this vapor was used.
  3. Chlorine was also used as a poison gas.

None of these methods are defended today by the orthodoxy. This demonstrates that Goldberg was telling his story based on hearsay and rumors, rather than his own experience. Goldberg also claimed that victims were bleeding from their mouths, which was possible in case of chlorine mass murder, but not with engine exhaust.

(Cf. Mattogno/Graf 2023, pp. 66f.; Mattogno 2021e, pp. 158f.)

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