Kranz, Hermine

Hermine Kranz was a Slovakian Jewess deported to Ausch­witz towards mid-1942. She testified during the British Bergen-Belsen Show Trial, and signed a deposition on 9 May 1945, in which she declared as having personally seen when visiting the “gas chamber,” or having been told by inmates working there, that:

  • There were altogether six such crematoria – there were four in Birkenau and one at the Main Camp.
  • The victims entered the gas chamber through an iron door – all doors at Auschwitz were made of simple wooden planks.
  • Three thousand persons could be dealt with at a time – with a room of 210 m², that amounts to a packing density of some 14.5 people per square meter, which is physically impossible.
  • Towel and soap were given to each person entering the gas chamber – that would not have happened. Imagine 3,000 towels and pieces of soap between three thousand corpses. Retrieving and cleaning them would have been a huge task, but ditching them would have been a huge waste.
  • The gas chamber was also used as an anatomical research laboratory – actually, the laboratory was upstairs near the furnace room.
  • The gas chamber had a very pretty tiled floor – nowhere in any of the crematoria were any floor tiles used.
  • In the gas chamber, there were benches all around – why in the world would anyone put benches into a gas chamber? The orthodoxy claims that these were located in the undressing room instead.
  • In the gas-chamber floor there were trap doors which opened after the gassing. Under these were trucks, into which the bodies fell. They were then driven to the furnace. This is a wild fantasy conclusively proving that Kranz made it all up.

Repeating the clichés, she moreover stated: “Dr. Mengele was always present.”

(For details, see Mattogno 2021, pp. 361f.)

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