Lewińska, Pelagia

Pelagia Lewińska was a Polish Jewess admitted to the Ausch­witz Camp on 28 January 1943. After the war, she wrote a short book that was published in Polish and French in 1945. Here are some revealing claims made by Lewińska about the claimed exterminations:

  • In 1944, the number of crematoria at Auschwitz was increased to 14. In fact, the number planned in 1942 and built in 1942/43 – four – was not increased at all.
  • Deep pits were dug for burning alive all children under the age of 14 to save “gas.” The mainstream narrative has it that pits were dug because either there were no crematories in Birkenau (early 1942 to early 1943) or because their capacity was insufficient (May to July 1944). Shortage of gas was never said to have been a problem. However, air photos prove that at least in 1944, these pits did not exist.
  • For months on end, flames shot uninterruptedly from the crematorium chimneys. However, flames cannot shoot out of crematorium chimneys.
  • Dense clouds of smoke covered Ausch­witz and the surrounding area. Air photos of the area show this to be untrue.
  • Inside the homicidal gas chambers, toxic gas came out of the showers, although this was technically impossible when using Zyklon B.

It is evident that this witness’s narrative is based exclusively on false rumors and clichés, not on her own recollection. (For details, see Mattogno 2021, pp. 388f.)

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