Renard, Jean-Paul

Jean-Paul Renard was a French priest who was deported to the Buchenwald Camp in 1942. After the war, a collection of poems by him was published titled Chaines et lumières (Chains and Lights). In an appendix to his own work, he wrote about his experience at Buchenwald, where we read:

“I saw going into the showers thousands and thousands of persons over whom poured out, instead of a liquid, asphyxiating gases.

I saw those who were unfit for work injected in the heart.”

When confronted about the false gas-chamber claim by French historian Paul Rassinier in 1947, Renard responded:

“Right, but that’s only a figure of speech… and since those things existed somewhere, it is of no importance.”

If that is every witness’s attitude, then truth doesn’t matter anywhere, because it did or may happen somewhere or at some point…

(See Rassinier 2022, pp. 146f.)

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