Turowski, Eugeniusz

Eugeniusz Turowski was a Polish Jew who was deported to the Treblinka Camp on 5 September 1942. He was interviewed by Polish judge Łukaszkiewicz on 7 October 1945. At the camp, he was assigned to the machine shops, where he helped build, repair and maintain that camp’s various machines and mechanical devices until the uprising on 2 August 1943. If that were the case, however, he should be the one man in the camp who should have known exactly how the gas chamber functioned. Yet he had no idea how the murder was committed. While he did not know what he should have known, he knew a lot of things that did not exist:

He was told that the first Jews arrived at Treblinka in June 1942, although the camp opened only at the end of July 1942. Initially, arriving inmates were allegedly killed with machine guns, because the execution chambers weren’t ready yet. Imagine the panic among the deportees, how they start running chaotically, and how stray bullets are whizzing by everyone – deportees, guards, auxiliaries and SS men. Still, both the wrong starting date and the machine-gunning claim were made by another Treblinka survivor, Stanisław Kon, who was interviewed by Polish judge Łukaszkiewicz on that same day. This is a clear case of “convergence of evidence” on a lie. Oskar Berger also claimed this early starting date combined with machine-gun killings.

Turowski claimed to have repaired devices from the gas chambers, among them especially ventilators, although the orthodox narrative has it that these facilities had no ventilators. And indeed, had gassing with engine exhaust occurred, ventilators would have been superfluous, as a simple airing out would do the trick. A fan for a real communal shower room would have made sense, though.

A few lines later, Turowski mentions fans used to blow air under the open-air incineration grates. Considering the enormous heat of such large pyres, these fans must have been fire-proof. They also would have been useless, as natural convection would have done the fanning trick just fine. Moreover, the orthodoxy insists that no one else has ever heard of such fans.

His claims about how and when cremations started are also out of sync with the mainstream narrative.

Like so many other witnesses, Turowski took local rumors and seasoned them with his own anachronistic and fanciful stories as he saw fit. (For more details, see Mattogno 2021e, pp. 163f.; https://zapisyterroru.pl/.)

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