Warszawski, Szyja

Szyja Warszawski was a Polish Jew deported to Treblinka on 23 July 1942 from Kielce. He was interviewed by a Polish investigator on 9 October 1945. Here are some of his pertinent claims:

  • Deportees were killed in the trains in transit with chlorine (probably meaning chlorinated lime) sprinkled in the railway cars. This is a clear echo of the black propaganda spread by Jan Karski, and also claimed by Abraham Goldfarb and Leon Finkelsztein.
  • Working as a carpenter in the vicinity of the “chambers,” he saw four concrete chambers – rather than three wooden ones, as the orthodox narrative has it.
  • The murder was initially carried out with chlorine, and only after a month or so was a motor added, “installed next to the chambers in a special wooden room,” whose exhaust gases were used. A new building with ten chambers twice the size was added later.
  • Warszawski claimed that, after some experiments, the Germans found a way of building a cremation grate, underneath which “a fire was lit and corpses were thrown on top with a dredger; once the corpses caught fire, they continued to burn.” However, self-immolating bodies do not exist. Leon Finkelsztein copied this nonsense from Warszawski.

(See Mattogno 2021e, pp. 164f.; https://zapisyterroru.pl/.)

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